III International Symposium on Tardigrada

The congress was attended by 31 researchers from six countries representing two continents (Europe and North America).

This was the first time that a tardigrade meeting took place in the USA and by this it was also the first Symposium held outside Europe. It was also the first time a tardigrade conference had a logo.

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Group photo
Conference materials


The Symposium logo shows a crawling individual of Claxtonia mauccii (Ramazzotti, 1956). Drawing by Majid Ejlali (East Tennessee State University), based on a SEM photomicrograph by Dr. Diane R. Nelson (East Tennessee State University).


03-06 August 1980.


Johnson City, Tennessee, USA.

World Map from Wikipedia.


D.P. Culp University Centre, East Tennessee State University Campus.


Dr. Diane R. Nelson (East Tennessee State University, USA).

Participants (alphabetically)

Beasley, Clark (USA)
Berlocher, Stuart (USA)
Bertolani, Roberto (Italy)
Curtin, C. (USA)
Dewel, Ruth (USA)
Dewel, William (USA)
Greven, Hartmut (Germany)
Grigarick, Al (USA)
Haspeslagh, Gisele (Belgium)

Higgins, Robert (USA)
Howard, Connie (USA)
Hunter, Martha (USA)
Kathman, R. (USA)
Kristensen, Reinhardt (Denmark)
Levy, Lorelei (USA)
Maucci, Walter (Italy)
Møbjerg Kristensen, Gerda (Denmark)
Nelson, Diane (USA)
Pollock, Lee (USA)
Renaud-Mornant, Jeanne (France)
Riggin, Thomas (USA)
Ruppert, Edward (USA)
Schuster, Robert (USA)
Wainberg, Robert (USA)
Walz, Bernd (Germany)
Williams, Chistopher (USA)

Unfortunately, five names are missing from the list but we are working on completing it. If you know of anyone who attended the Symposium but is not listed above, please let us know.

Group photo

Photo by Tom Daniels.




This is only an overview of the programme, thus if you happen to have a copy of the detailed programme, please send it to us.


Sunday (03.08.1980)
15:00-17:00 Registration (Auditorium Entrance)
Monday (04.08.1980)
08:00-10:00 Registration (Auditorium Entrance)
08:30-16:30 Invited papers (Forum Room)
18:30 Old Fashioned Picnic - Bluegrass music and mountain dogging. Cosponsored by the Institute for Appalachian Affairs. Transportation provided from the University Center
Tuesday (05.08.1980)
08:30-16:30 Contributed papers (Forum Room)
18:00 Tour of Jonesboro (oldest town in Tennessee) and banquet at the Parson's Table Restaurant in Jonesboro. Co-sponsored by the Institute for Appalachian Affairs. Transportation provided from the University Center.
Wednesday (06.08.1980)
08:30-16:30 Discussion & Workshop (Conference Rooms 3-4)
Wednesday-Thursday (06-07.08.1980)
Field Trips Arranged as Requested
Topics of Paper Sessions
The History of Tardigrade Research
Species Diversity of Marine Tardigrades
Ultrastructure of Tardigrades
Tardigrade Cytology and Reproductive Mechanisms
Population Dynamics and Ecology of Tardigrades
New Approaches to Tardigrade Systematics
The Future of Tardigrade Research


The Symposium talks have been published by the East Tennessee State University Press. The volume contains 12 scientific papers on tardigrade morphology, taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, cytology and physiology. The symposium proceedings are dedicated to the memory of Carl H. Rody and Sara E. Dewel.

Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Tardigrada

Diane R. Nelson






Table of Contents 3
Nelson, D.R. Preface 4-5
Dedication 6
Papers Presented at the Symposium 7-8
Group photo 9
Ramazzotti, G & Maucci, W. A History of Tardigrade Taxonomy. 11-30
Ruppert, E.E. Homology Recognition as a Basis for Comparative Biology. 31-54
Greven, H. Homologues or Analogues? A Survey of Some Structural Patterns in Tardigrada. 55-76
Berlocher, S.H. Molecular Systematics and Taxonomic Problems in the Tardigrada. 77-92
Bertolani, R. Cytology and Reproductive Mechanisms in Tardigrades. 93-113
Weglarska, B. Ultrastructural Study of the Formation of Egg Envelopes in Macrobiotus richtersi (Eutardigrada). 115-127
Walz, B. Molting in Tardigrada. A Review Including New Results on Cuticle Formation in Macrobiotus hufelandi. 129-147
Renaud-Mornant, J. Species Diversity in Marine Tardigrada. 149-177
Hallas, T.E. & Kristensen, R.M. Two New Species of the Tidal Genus Echiniscoides from Rhode Island, U.S.A. Echiniscoididae, Heterotardigrada). 179-192
Pollock, L.W. A Closer Look at Some Marine Heterotardigrada. I. The Morphology and Taxonomy of Orzeliscus. 193-201
Kristensen, R.M. New Aberrant Eutardigrades from Homothermic Springs on Disko Island, West Greenland. 203-220
Schuster, R.O. & Toftner, E.C. Dominican Republic Tardigrada. 221-235


Conference materials

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