The II International Symposium on Tardigrada 

The smallest Symposium in the history was attended by only 12 tardigradologists who presented 11 talks during the two days of the conference.

This was the only tardigrade meeting held in a communist country, which had some unusual consequences. For example, Barbara Węglarska, who organised the congress, had to provide to the authorities not only the names of participants, but also some of their personal details such as the birth dates as all westerners were considered potential spies by the communist government. Wanting to avoid bothering her guests, Barbara made up the dates and other details. Fortunately the authorities haven't found out about the fraud. This meeting was also the only one that was held behind the iron curtain.

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Group photo


28-30 July 1977.


Kraków, Poland.

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Institute of Zoology, Jagiellonian University.


Professor Barbara Węglarska (Jagiellonian University).

Group photo

Photo by Professor R. Wojtusiak.



The Symposium talks have been published in a special volume of 'Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego - Prace Zoologiczne'. Given that the Symposium was very small, the volume contains only 11 scientific papers on tardigrade morphology, taxonomy, faunistics, physiology, reproduction and embryology.

Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego,
Prace Zoologiczne

vol. 25, 1979

Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Tardigrada

B. Weglarska
(Guest Editor)






Weglarska, B. Preface. 7-8 
Bertolani, R. Parthenogenesis and cytotaxonomy in Itaquasconinae (Tardigrada). 9-18
Durante Pasa, M.V. & Maucci, W. Tardigradi muscicoli della Grecia. 19-45
Durante Pasa, M.V. & Maucci, W. Moss Tardigrada from the Scandinavian Peninsula. 47-85
Greven, H. Notes on the structure of vasa Malpighii in the eutardigrade Isohypsibius augusti (Murray 1907). 87-95
Kristensen, R.M. On the fine structure of Batillipes noerrevangi Kristensen 1977 (Heterotardigrada). 3. Spermiogenesis. 97-105
Maucci, W. I Pseudechiniscus gruppo cornutus, con descrizione di una nuova specie (Tardigrada Echiniscidae). 107-124
Nelson, D.R. & Horning Jr., D.S. Tardigrada of the Kowhai Bush, Kaikoura, New Zealand. 125-142
Pollock, L.W. A tabular key to the species of marine Heterotardigrada.




Walz, B. Cephalic sense organs of Tardigrada. Current results and problems.




Weglarska, B. Electron microscope study on previtellogenesis and vitellogenesis in Macrobiotus richtersi J. Murr. (Eutardigrada).




Wolburg-Buchholz, K. & Greven, H. On the fine structure of the spermatozoon of Isohypsibius granulifer Thulin 1928 (Eutardigrada) with reference to its differentiation.




By Barbara Węglarska.

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