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Ortega-Hernández, J., Janssen, R. & Budd, G.E. (2017) Origin and evolution of the panarthropod head – A palaeobiological and developmental perspective. Arthropod Structure and Development, 46(3): 354-379.
Guidetti, R., McInnes, S.J., Cesari, M., Rebecchi, L. & Rota-Stabelli, O. (2017) Evolutionary scenarios for the origin of an Antarctic tardigrade species based on molecular clock analyses and biogeographic data. Contributions to Zoology, 86(2): 97-110. Article
Roszkowska, M., Ostrowska, M., Stec, D., Janko, K. & Kaczmarek, £. (2017) Macrobiotus polypiformis sp. nov., a new tardigrade (Macrobiotidae; hufelandi group) from the Ecuadorian Pacific coast, with remarks on the claw abnormalities in eutardigrades. European Journal of Taxonomy, 327: 1-19.
Zawierucha, K., Ostrowska, M. & Kolicka, M. (2017) Applicability of cryoconite consortia of microorganisms and glacier-dwelling animals in astrobiological studies. Contemporary Trends in Geoscience, 6(1): 1-10.
Smith, F.W. & Goldstein, B. (2017) Segmentation in Tardigrada and diversification of segmental patterns in Panarthropoda. Arthropod Structure and Development, 46(3): 328-340.
Fujimoto, S. & Yamasaki, H. (2017) A new genus and species of Renaudarctidae (Heterotardigrada: Arthrotardigrada) from Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan. Marine Biology Research, 13(3): 288-299.

Nowak, B. & Stec, D. (2017) The first record of Macrobiotus vladimiri Bertolani, Biserov, Rebecchi and Cesari, 2011 (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group) from Poland. Turkish Journal of Zoology, 41: 558-567.
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Bartels, P.J., Bradbury, L.J. & Nelson, D.R. (2017) Marine tardigrades from South Carolina, USA. Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science, 15(1): 7. Article
PDF available from authors

Fontoura, P., Rubal, M. & Veiga, P. (2017) Two new species of Tardigrada (Eutardigrada: Ramazzottiidae, Macrobiotidae) from the supralittoral zone of the Atlantic Iberian Peninsula rocky shores. Zootaxa, 4263(3): 450-466.
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03.05.2017 Georgiev, D. & Kenderov, L. (2017) First record of the genus Dactylobiotus Schuster, 1980 in Bulgaria (Eutardigrada: Murrayidae). ZooNotes 107: 1-2. Article
30.04.2017 Meyer, H.A., Hinton, J.G., Gladney, W.L. & Klumpp, M.C. (2017) Water bears from the Caribbean island of Antigua, with the description of a new Macrobiotus species (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae). Caribbean Naturalist, 39: 1-13. Abstract
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17.04.2017 Araujo, T.Q., Checon, H.H. & Garraffoni, A.R.S. (2017) Alpha and beta diversity of freshwater meiofauna at different spatial scales in a Neotropical lotic system. Marine and Freshwater Research, 68(3): 538-548.
04.04.2017 Czerneková, M., Jönsson, K.I., Chajec, L, Student, S. & Poprawa I. (2017) The structure of the desiccated Richtersius coronifer (Richters, 1903). Protoplasma, 254(3): 1367-1377.
04.04.2017 Rodríguez-Candela, M., Guil, N. & Parapar, J. (2016) Tardigrades of Fragas do Eume Natural Park (Galicia, NW Spain) with the first record of Echiniscus bigranulatus Richters, 1907 (Tardigrada, Heterotardigrada) in the Iberian Peninsula. Boletín de la Real Sociedad Española de Historia Natural. Sección biológica, 110: 61-70. [Spanish + English abstract] Article
04.04.2017 Pérez-Pech, W.A., Cutz-Pool, L.Q., Guidetti, R. & Blanco-Piñón, A. (2016) Primer registro genérico de tardígrados, habitantes del área urbana de chetumal quintana roo, México. Entomología mexicana, 3: 912-918.  [Spanish + English abstract] Article









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