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Degma, P., Meyer, H.A. & Hinton, J.G. (2021) Claxtonia goni, a new species of Tardigrada (Heterotardigrada, Echiniscidae) from the island of Maui (Hawaiian Islands, U.S.A., North Pacific Ocean), with notes to the genus Claxtonia G¹siorek & Michalczyk, 2019. Zootaxa, 4933(4): 527-542.
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Kiosya, Y., Pogwizd, J., Matsko, Y., Vecchi, M. & Stec, D. (2021) Phylogenetic position of two Macrobiotus species with a revisional note on Macrobiotus sottilei Pilato, Kiosya, Lisi & Sabella, 2012 (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae). Zootaxa, 4933(1): 113-135.
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Shain, D.H., Novis, P.M., Cridge, A.G., Zawierucha, K., Geneva, A.J. & Dearden, P.K. (2021) Five animal phyla in glacier ice reveal unprecedented biodiversity in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Scientific Reports, 11: 3898.
Arakawa, K. & Numata, K. (2021) Reconsidering the “glass transition” hypothesis of intrinsically unstructured CAHS proteins in desiccation tolerance of tardigrades. Molecular Cell, 81(3): 409-410.
Sugiura, K. & Matsumoto, M. (2021) Spermatozoa morphology changes during reproduction and first observation of acrosomal contact in two dioecious species of Macrobiotidae (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada). Zygote, 29(1): 42-48.
Erdmann, W., Idzikowski, B., Kowalski, W., Kosicki, J.Z. & Kaczmarek £. (2021) Tolerance of two anhydrobiotic tardigrades Echiniscus testudo and Milnesium inceptum to hypomagnetic conditions. PeerJ, 9: e10630.
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Shahar, K. & Greenbaum, D. (2020) Lessons in space regulations from the lunar tardigrades of the Beresheet hard landing. Nature Astronomy, 4: 208-209.
Muñoz-Li, R.R. & Jover Capote, A. (2021) Diversity of tardigrades (Tardigrada) associated to bryophytes on the garden of ferns of Santiago de Cuba. Novitates Caribaea, 17: 32-44. [In Spanish + English abstract]
Mioduchowska, M., Kaèareviæ, U., Miamin, V., Giginiak, Y., Parnikoza, I., Roszkowska, M. & Kaczmarek, £. (2021) Redescription of Antarctic eutardigrade Dastychius improvisus (Dastych, 1984) and some remarks on phylogenetic relationships within Isohypsibioidea. The European Zoological Journal, 88(1): 117-131.
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Zawierucha, K., Porazinska, D.L., Ficetola, G.F., Ambrosini, R., Baccolo, G., Buda, J., Ceballos, J.L., Devetter, M., Dial, R., Franzetti, A., Fuglewicz, U., Gielly, L., £okas, E., Janko, K., Novotna Jaromerska, T., Koœciñski, A., Koz³owska, A., Ono, M., Parnikoza, I., Pittino, F., Poniecka, E., Sommers, P., Schmidt, S.K., Shain, D., Sikorska, S., Uetake, J. & Takeuchi, N. (2021) A hole in the nematosphere: tardigrades and rotifers dominate the cryoconite hole environment, whereas nematodes are missing. Journal of Zoology, 313(1): 18-36.
PDF file available from authors
Møbjerg, N. & Neves, R. (2021) New insights into survival strategies of tardigrades. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 254: 110890.
PDF file available from authors
Fukuda, Y. & Inoue, T. (2021) Structural insights into a C2 domain protein specifically found in tardigrades. Protein Science, 30(2): 513-518.
Pedersen, B.H., Malte, H., Ramløv, H. & Finster, K. (2020) A method for studying the metabolic activity of individual tardigrades by measuring oxygen uptake using microrespirometry. Journal of Experimental Biology, 223(22): jeb233072.
Kirke, J., Jin, X.-L. & Zhang, X.-H. (2020) Expression of a Tardigrade Dsup Gene Enhances Genome Protection in Plants. Molecular Biotechnology, 62: 563-571.
Moreno-Talamantes, A., León-Espinosa, G.A., García-Aranda, M.A., Flores-Maldonado, J.J. & Kaczmarek, £. (2020) The genus Milnesium Doyère, 1840 in Mexico with description of a new species. Annales Zoologici, 70(4): 467-486.
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Kayastha, P., Bartylak, T., Gawlak, M. & Kaczmarek, £. (2020) Integrative description of Pseudechiniscus lalitae sp. nov. (Tardigrada: Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae) from the Azores archipelago (Portugal). Annales Zoologici, 70(4): 487-505.
PDF file available from authors
Vizueta, J., Escuer, P., Frías-López, C., Guirao-Rico, S., Hering, L., Mayer, G., Rozas, J. & Sánchez-Gracia, A. (2020) Evolutionary History of Major Chemosensory Gene Families across Panarthropoda. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 37(12): 3601-3615.
Ojekunle, O.O. & Sodipe, A. (2020) Antioxidative Effect of Selenium in Cadmium-Exposed Tardigrade (H. exemplaris). Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 231: 577.
Devetter, M., Hánìl, L., Raschmanová, N., Bryndová, M. & Schlaghamerský, J. (2021) Terrestrial invertebrates along a gradient of deglaciation in Svalbard: Long-term development of soil fauna communities. Geoderma, 383: 114720.
Lyall, R., Nikoloski, Z. & Gechev, T. (2020) Comparative Analysis of ROS Network Genes in Extremophile Eukaryotes. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(23): 9131.
Collins, M. & Goudie, I. (2020) The tardigrade and associated micrometazoa of the textured lungwort lichen, Lobariascrobiculata, in eastern Newfoundland, Canada. Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 7(2): 7-13.
Tumanov, D.V. (2020) Integrative description of Mesobiotus anastasiae sp. nov. (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotoidea) and first record of Lobohalacarus (Chelicerata, Trombidiformes) from the Republic of South Africa. European Journal of Taxonomy, 726(1): 102-131.
PDF file available from author
Tibbs Cortes, L.E., Cortes, B.W. & Miller, W.R. (2020) Tardigrades of Hardin County, Iowa: Seven New Records from Iowa, USA. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, 123(1-2): 203-212.
Nelson, D.R., Adkins Fletcher, R., Guidetti, R., Roszkowska, M., Grobys, D. & Kaczmarek, £. (2020) Two new species of Tardigrada from moss cushions (Grimmia sp.) in a xerothermic habitat in northeast Tennessee (USA, North America), with the first identification of males in the genus Viridiscus. PeerJ, 8: e10251.
PDF file available from authors
Rocha, A., Doma, I., Gonzalez Reyes, A. & Lisi, O. (2020) Two new tardigrade species (Echiniscidae and Doryphoribiidae) from the Salta province (Argentina). Zootaxa, 4878(2): 267-286.
PDF file available from authors
Zawierucha, K., Buda, J., Jaromerska, T., Janko, K. & G¹siorek, P. (2020) Integrative approach reveals new species of water bears (Pilatobius, Grevenius, and Acutuncus) from Arctic cryoconite holes, with the discovery of hidden lineages of Hypsibius. Zoologischer Anzeiger, 289: 141-165.
PDF file available from authors
Stec, D., Vecchi, M., Maciejowski, W. & Michalczyk, £. (2020) Resolving the systematics of Richtersiidae by multilocus phylogeny and an integrative redescription of the nominal species for the genus Crenubiotus (Tardigrada). Scientific Reports, 10: 19418.
PDF file available from authors
Hesgrove, C. & Boothby, T.C. (2020) The biology of tardigrade disordered proteins in extreme stress tolerance. Cell Communication and Signaling, 18: 178.
Hibshman, J.D., Clegg, J.S. & Goldstein, B. (2020) Mechanisms of Desiccation Tolerance: Themes and Variations in Brine Shrimp, Roundworms, and Tardigrades. Frontiers in Physiology, 11: 592016.









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