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Below are provided references and links to the papers on Tardigrada published in the last three months. The icon 'NEW' appears until one month after a paper was added to the list. After three months references are moved to the 'Archives'.

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Clark-Hachtel, C.M., Hibshman, J.D., De Buysscher, T., Stair, E.R., Hicks, L.M. & Goldstein, B. (2024) The tardigrade Hypsibius exemplaris dramatically upregulates DNA repair pathway genes in response to ionizing radiation. Current Biology, 34(9): 1819–1830.
Pérez-Pech, W.A., de Jesús-Navarrete, A. & Vargas-Espositos, A.A. (2024) Does Sargassum contribute to meiofauna dispersal? The case of tardigrades and nematodes in the Mexican Caribbean. Marine Environmental Research, 195: 106349.
Tumanov, D.V. & Kalimullin, A.A. (2024) Adropion camtchaticum, a new species of Tardigrada (Eutardigrada: Itaquasconidae) from the Russian Far East. Zoosystematica Rossica, 33(1): 19–27.
Bartylak, T., Kayastha, P., Polishchuk, A., Roszkowska, M., Bartylak, M.M., Rutkowski, T., Zacharyasiewicz, M. & Kaczmarek, Ł. (2024) Terrestrial Tardigrada (water bears) of the Słowiński National Park (Northern Poland). Diversity, 16(4): 239.
Tsvetkova, A.Y. & Tumanov, D.V. (2024) Tenuibiotus yeliseii sp. nov., a new species of Macrobiotidae (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada) from Svalbard, Norway, with discussion of taxonomic criteria within the genus and its phylogeny. Zoosystematica Rossica, 33(1): 28–47.
Vishnudattan, N.K., Rubal, M. & Nandan, S.B. (2024) A new marine tardigrade species (Heterotardigrada: Batillipedidae) from the southeast coast of India. Zootaxa. 5446(4): 488–498.
Vecchi, M., Stec, D., Rebecchi, L., Michalczyk, Ł. & Calhim, S. (2024) Ecology explains anhydrobiotic performance across tardigrades, but the shared evolutionary history matters more. Journal of Animal Ecology, 93(3): 307–318.









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