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Below are provided the references for papers on Tardigrada which are currently accepted by journals. When a paper is published, it is moved to the section 'Published'. The icon 'NEW' appears until one month after a paper was added to the list.

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G¹siorek, P. & Michalczyk, £. (201?) Echiniscus siticulosus (Echiniscidae: spinulosus group), a new tardigrade from Western Australian scrub. New Zealand Journal of Zoology.
Rivas Jr., J.A., Schröder, T., Gill, T.E., Wallace, R.L. & Walsh, E.J. (201?) Anemochory of diapausing stages of microinvertebrates in North American drylands. Freshwater Biology.
Morek, W. & Michalczyk, £. (201?) First extensive multilocus phylogeny of the genus Milnesium Doyère, 1840 (Tardigrada) reveals no congruence between genetic markers and morphological traits. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.
Zvereva, Y., Medvezhonkova, O., Naumova, T., Sheveleva, N., Lukhnev, A., Sorokovikova, E., Evstigneeva, T. & Timoshkin, O. (201?) Variation of sponge-inhabiting infauna with the state of health of the sponge Lubomirskia baikalensis (Pallas, 1776) in Lake Baikal. Limnology.
Kaczmarek, £., Roszkowska, M., Fontaneto, D., Jezierska, M., Pietrzak, B., Wieczorek, R., Poprawa, I., Kosicki, J.Z., Karachitos, A. & Kmita, H. (201?) Staying young and fit? Ontogenetic and phylogenetic consequences of animal anhydrobiosis. Journal of Zoology.
Zawierucha, K., Buda, J. & Nawrot, A. (201?) Extreme weather event results in the removal of invertebrates from cryoconite holes on an Arctic valley glacier (Longyearbreen, Svalbard). Ecological Research.
Zawierucha, K., Buda, J., Fontaneto, D., Ambrosini, R., Franzetti, A., Wierzgoń, M. & Bogdziewicz, M. (201?) Fine-scale spatial heterogeneity of invertebrates within cryoconite holes. Aquatic Ecology.
Tilbert, S., de Castro, F.J.V., Tavares, G. & Nogueira Jśnior, M. (201?) Spatial variation of meiofaunal tardigrades in a small tropical estuary (~6°S; Brazil). Marine & Freshwater Research.
G¹siorek, P., Morek, W., Stec, D. & Michalczyk, £. (201?) Untangling the Echiniscus Gordian knot: paraphyly of the “arctomys group” (Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae). Cladistics.
Mevenkamp, L., Guilini, K., Boetius, A., De Grave, J., Laforce, B., Vandenberghe, D., Vincze, L. & Vanreusel, A. (201?) Responses of an abyssal meiobenthic community to short-term burial with crushed nodule particles in the South-East Pacific. Biogeosciences Discuss.









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