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Below are provided the references for papers on Tardigrada which are currently accepted by journals. When a paper is published, it is moved to the section 'Published'. The icon 'NEW' appears until one month after a paper was added to the list.

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Gısiorek, P., Stec, D., Morek, W., Marnissi, J. & Michalczyk, £. (201?) The tardigrade fauna of Tunisia, with an integrative description of Bryodelphax maculatus sp. nov. (Heterotardigrada: Echiniscidae). African Zoology.
Nowak, B. & Stec, D. (201?) The first record of Macrobiotus vladimiri Bertolani, Biserov, Rebecchi and Cesari, 2011 (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group) from Poland. Turkish Journal of Zoology.
Tekatli, V. & Altindağ, A. (201?) New records for Tardigrada from Cyprus. North-Western Journal of Zoology, e177301. Article
Zawierucha, K., Wêgrzyn, M., Ostrowska, M. & Wietrzyk, P. (201?) Tardigrada in Svalbard lichens: diversity, densities and habitat heterogeneity. Polar Biology.
Menechella, A.G., Bulnes, V.N. & Cazzaniga, N.J. (201?) Two new species of Batillipes (Tardigrada, Arthrotardigrada, Batillipedidae) from the Argentinean Atlantic coast, and a key to all known species. Marine Biodiversity.
Ortega-Hernández, J., Janssen, R. & Budd, G.E. (201?) Origin and evolution of the panarthropod head - A palaeobiological and developmental perspective. Arthropod Structure and Development.
Smith, F.W. & Goldstein, B. (2016) Segmentation in Tardigrada and diversification of segmental patterns in Panarthropoda. Arthropod Structure and Development.
Fujimoto, S., Jørgensen, A. & Hansen, J.G. (2016) A molecular approach to arthrotardigrade phylogeny (Heterotardigrada, Tardigrada). Zoologica Scripta.
Czerneková, M., Jönsson, K.I., Chajec, L, Student, S. & Poprawa I. (201?) The structure of the desiccated Richtersius coronifer (Richters, 1903). Protoplasma.
Erdmann, W. & Kaczmarek, £. (201?) Tardigrade in space researches - past and future. Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres.









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