Papers on Tardigrada published in 2017

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Lee, J., Rho, H.S. & Chang, C.Y. (2017) Taxonomic Study of Marine Tardigrades from Korea III. A New Species of the Genus Orzeliscus (Heterotardigrada, Halechiniscidae). Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity, 33(1): 26-32.
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Meyer, H.A., Hinton, J.G., Gladney, W.L. & Klumpp, M.C. (2017) Water bears from the Caribbean island of Antigua, with the description of a new Macrobiotus species (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae). Caribbean Naturalist, 39: 1-13. Abstract
PDF available from authors
Nowak, B. & Stec, D. (2017) The first record of Macrobiotus vladimiri Bertolani, Biserov, Rebecchi and Cesari, 2011 (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group) from Poland. Turkish Journal of Zoology, 41: 558-567.
PDF available from authors
Santos, E., Da Rocha, C.M.C., Gomes Jr., E & Fontoura, P. (2017) Three new Batillipes species (Arthrotardigrada: Batillipedidae) from the Brazilian coast. Zootaxa, 4243(3): 483-502.
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Vasanthan, T., Alejaldre, L., Hider, J., Patel, S., Husain, N., Umapathisivam, B. & Stone, J. (2017) G-Equivalent Acceleration Tolerance in the Eutardigrade Species Hypsibius dujardini. Astrobiology, 17(1): 55-60.

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